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Beginning September 3, 2013, the office will be open to the public from 8:30 a. m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday



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 Lawyer of the Day Program

The Barnstable County Probate and Family Court Lawyer of the Day Program is coordinated by the Barnstable County Bar Association. There is a lawyer of the day scheduled at the Barnstable Probate and Family Court every day from approximately 9:00am until approximately 1:00pm. However, the Lawyers in the program  volunteer their time to provide legal assistance to the customers of the Barnstable Probate Court.  Occasionally, there may not be a Lawyer of the Day present due to a circumstance in the particular lawyer’s schedule.  Under those circumstances, it may be necessary for the court customer  to come back on another day for assistance.

The Lawyer of the Day Program is on a first come, first served basis with a sheet to sign in for the service. The Lawyers will provide legal advice and general guidance on matters in the Probate and Family Court for cases in this county. The Lawyers do not assist parties in the court room. If you need assistance, you should come in on a day before your case is scheduled. If your case is scheduled, the Court will not wait for parties to see the lawyer of the day.  If a person already has an attorney, the Lawyer of the Day will not assist that person.

There are income eligibility requirements for the program.  For more information on the Lawyer of the Day Program at the Barns table Probate and Family Court, please contact the Barnstable County Bar Association directly at (508) 362-2121.




Anastasia Welsh Perrino

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