Barnstable Probate and Family Court Announces

Internet Access to Publicly Available

Estate and Administration Cases

The Barnstable Probate and Family Court is pleased to announce that the docket sheets for publicly available Estate and Administration cases are now accessible via the internet. The website address for viewing these cases is

Searches can be done by case number, case name or case type. The site provides instructions for conducting a search.

You may now search for Estate and Administration cases in all 14 Divisions of the Probate and Family Court from this site.

A link to this site is now on this site on the left menu under "Case Index Search".

Only cases that have been electronically entered are available on this site. If a case is not available for public access by court order or by law, it will not appear. It will be necessary to come to the Court to search for older cases. Only docket sheets are available for viewing. You will need to order copies and travel to the court for document review. Domestic Relations Cases are not available on the Internet at this time.

The Barnstable Probate and Family Court continues to strive to make the Court more user friendly and efficient. Your feedback is always encouraged.

Please feel free to call the Court at (508) 375-6710 with any questions.


Anastasia Welsh Perrino

Barnstable County Register of Probate